Situated at the eastern part of Singapore, Lambency Detailing is a one-stop-shop automotive detailing center that provide services for car interior detailing, car paint protection, waxing, polishing, washing etc. Managed by Quantum Globe Trading Pte Ltd., Lambency Detailing has been in business since 2017.

Our team has worked hard to meet a level of perfection that every car owner demands. In our workshop, our team of automotive professionals is always up to the task. Come in and meet our managers, Matthew and Benjamin, who lead our team through every project.

At Lambency Detailing, we use only the best, high quality detailing products to make your experience extraordinary. Don’t thank us, we simply see it as our duty to ensure absolute perfection at an affordable price. Our key values at Lambency Detailing revolve around high quality products and high quality service at a price that works.

Unlike our competitors, Lambency Detailing places a strong emphasis on before and after-sales support. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our team of automotive professionals demands satisfaction on every project within our stipulated service level agreement.

Over the years, we have successfully mastered the skills required to perform paint correction on different types of paintwork. By using a unique combination of polishing compounds, pads, and tools, we have developed a proven methodology that delivers exceptional results.

It is always our pleasure to watch our customers leave our shop with a smile on their face, a glint in their eye, and a beautiful shine on their car. And don’t forget – our services aren’t specifically designed for auto enthusiasts. Our services are perfect for the one-off total detailing that you may only require once a year or before you show your vehicle to a potential buyer. At Lambency Detailing, we do it all.

There is never a job too small for us to handle. Contact us for a non-obligatory assessment and price quote.


Here at Lambency Detailing, we see it as our duty to ensure that every vehicle leaves our shop looking better than it did when it first arrived. While that may seem obvious, the key to our mission is the level of perfection that our entire team of automotive professionals strive for. Through each of our services, we stop at nothing short of complete perfection. To us, detailing is not just a simple car wash, detailing is a work of art. We take pride in our artwork and hope to gain the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers.