Here at Lambency Detailing, we also offer our clients a top of the line Total Hand Wash service. Traditional mechanical car washes can wreak havoc on the finish of a vehicle, and here at Lambency, we place a high emphasis on protecting your vehicle’s paint job/finish for the long run.

Our Total Hand Wash service offers our clients the opportunity to have their car washed professionally without using mechanical brushes – just our expert-trained hands. We believe this type of approach to car washing allows us to best preserve the appearance of your vehicle, while actually providing a more effective and thorough washing.


Snow foam soap lies in its reaction with grease, grime, and dirt. A dirty car is covered in particles, some stuck tightly to the surface. Soaping and scrubbing the car risks dragging or digging these particles into the body work of your car.

The foaming soap clings to the surface and helps to lift the particles off of the surface thanks to its cleaning power. When you rinse the foam off, there will be significantly less grit on the exterior, so you don’t have to worry as much about putting scratches in while washing. As the foam gently breaks down dirt and debris, your wash is much less abrasive and hence scratch free.


  • Exterior Wash Only – $15.00
  • Small – $22.00
  • Medium – $24.00
  • Large – $26.00
  • Extra Large / Exotic – $30.00


Concentrated cleaning power for the manual vehicle wash. Works quickly and thoroughly against typical road dirt. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, as well as tiles, porcelain, and enameled surfaces. Phosphate-free. Perfect for waxed or paint-coated paintwork.

Road grime and stuck on brake dust on alloy wheels – that hurts every car owner. And apart from that, it will also damage the wheels: Sooner or later these residues will eat their way through the lacquer. They leave behind ugly discolourations, which are exceedingly difficult to remove. And to ensure that the tyres are always fresh and gleaming, regular cleaning and individual care is required.

When it comes to interior maintenance, one of the most important step for car owners must is the car vacuum. Designed for vehicle application, car vacuums allow drivers to quickly clean every nook and cranny in their car without difficulty. From leftover foods to flower pollens and even pet hair, you would be able to get rid of dirt and trash in just a blink of an eye.

Produces an ultimate, shiny black wet look on all tyre types. The innovate gel formula preserves and protects rubber against cracking and colour fading. The enclosed special sponge allows easy and even application without wasting product and causing stains on wheel rims, paint and floor. Lasts for several weeks.



  • Small – $200.00
  • Medium – $220.00
  • Large – $240.00
  • Extra Large / Exotic – $300.00

Terms & Conditions

Valid 1 Year from the date of purchase.