There are many aspects of detailing that people usually overlook and don’t consider, but here at Lambency, we want to ensure that we are able to cover as many aspects as possible. We offer a wide range of services at reasonable prices, from Pet Hair Removal to even Headlight Restoration services that will help to enhance your car’s beauty.

Baby Seat Sanitization

The Immune system of a young children can be easily affected by the built up of mould, germs and bacteria that builds up on a car seat over time. Studies have shown that an improperly maintained car seat has twice as many germs on it compared to a toilet seat. With our Baby Seat Sanitization service, you can be assured that your loved ones are safe and sound while travelling with you.

Chrome & Aluminium Polish

Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass and other metals lose their lustre over time. Exposure to the elements such as oxygen, water and other factors can cause rust, corrosion, etc which takes its toll on metals and will lead to deterioration of the metals, rendering the metal useless and unsightly. With our Chrome & Aluminium Polish, we will restore the shine on your car in no time!

DFI Step 1 + 2 Windows Coating

Unprotected Glass can be a hazard during wet weather as water can cover the windows, decreasing visibility and become a safety hazard. Having DFI 1+2 Coating on all windows will increase the visibility by repelling water and allowing it to bead up and flow right off the glass. It will also maintain the cleanliness of the glass for a longer time since stubborn dirt and grime will no longer stick to it.

Engine Bay Detailing

Maintaining the cleanliness and overall outlook of your engine bay is an important part of having your car detailed. Only our best technicians are tasked to carry ou this dedicated process as each engine bay is meticulously detailed to bring out the best glow under the hood. After the wash and blow process, vinyl and plastic components are conditioned to ensure that your engine bay looks healthy, clean and free of grime

Exhaust Tip Polish

Removes discoloration, rust and tarnish. Leaves a protective coating over the metal to fight corrosion and enviromental degradation.

Headlight Restoration & Protection

Sick of seeing the clouded and yellowish stains on your headlights? We have a simple solution that will save you from replacing your headlamps. No removal or dismantling is required to ensure that the factory seals remain intact. Machine buffing and polishing techniques will be carried out to resurface the lens, giving it a brand-new shine. A highly durable UV coating will then be reapplied after machining works to provide a long-term protection

Leather Treatment (Shampoo & Conditioning)

Leather is a very delicate material which needs special care. Wear and tear, scratches and dirt can cause damage to it. Over time, accumulated dirt and dust particles will cause the leather to look dull and unappealing.

For our leather treatment, we will shampoo wash your seats, removing all the unnecessary bacteria and dirt that is stuck on the leather surface. Following which, we will keep the leather nourished and protected with a matte dash finish leather protectant to maintain its finish.

Plastic Treatment (Shampoo & Conditioning)

Freshen and clean your interior dashboard and plastic trimmed parts. Infused with that pleasing new car small, the treatment also includes cleaning up and restoring your dashboard making your car feel like new. Dirt and scuff marks can reduce the appearance of your interior dash-board and plastic trimmed surfaces, which is why you need a dedicated car care product to keep your dash board looking new.


You will see that our treatment finish and what’s presented will be a protected interior and rich matte finish

Leather & Plastic Conditioning

Caring for your interior is just as important as your exterior. You spend the most time inside your vehicle and oyur passengers often take notice of how clean, or not so clean, your interior is. It’s important to protect your interior trims and leather from harmful UV rays that can potentially dry out and fade your interior. Keep your interior looking llike new so you enjoy getting into your vehicle each and every day.

Nano Mist Fumigation

Using cutting edge technology, a specially designed fumigation device atomizes the Bac-free nano mist into an ultra-fine fry mist containing hundreds of trillions of “nano-sized” cleaning particles. Germs and bacteria no longer have anywhere to hide. Designed to not only kill germs and bacteria on the surface, it is also able to penetrate into all areas of the passenger compartments. Rest assured that the resultant air in your car will be cleaner, fresher and of higher quality. Provide a hygienic environment and protection for your loved ones! Multiple sessions of Nano Mist Fumigation might be required for extensive odour elimination

Rims Polish & Coating

Car Wheels are often overlooked during car wash routines. Many drivers do not understand that polishing their car rims not just makes the wheels look amazing, it also helps to repel brake dust and protect the wheel finishing from other surface contaminants. Get your rims polished and coated to ensure your ride’s shoes look sleek and clean.



Pet Hair Removal

Whether your pet only rides in your car occasionally, goes to work with you every day, or you consider yourself the proud parent of a fur baby that rides along with you wherever you go, pet hair in your car can be a problem. A special brush will be used which will cause static that helps all pet hair to be lifted and stuck on the brush. Remove all pet hair in your car, even those in tight and hard to reach spots now

Soft Top Coating

Most soft top roofs are made of soft canvases. At the new car stage, a clean soft top roof, can highlight the elegant convertible and noble tempreament. However, overtime, the canvas fibres will harden, fading under the ultraviolet and acid rain effects, dirt will be left in the fibre gap and reduce the orginal soft texture of the top roof. This coating will protect your precious convertibles roof from these problems.

SONAX A/C Cleaner

The air conditioner in the vehicle is an ideal breeding ground for musty odours. SONAX A/C Power Cleaner cleans the air conditioner unit, the ventilation system and the evaporator quickly and easily, and eliminates unpleasant odours, ensuring a fresh fragrance in the interior.


Especially fast and easy in application: after just 15mins and without effort the vehicle is operational again.



SONAX Polymer Net Shield

SONAX Polymer Net Shield is formulated using an organic and inorganic network of hybrid polymers.

Wax-free paintowkr sealing providing hybrid protection of up to 6 months thanks to Net Protection Technology. Besides offering an intensive restoration of the colours and an excellent water-repellent effect, SONAX Polymer Net Shield also helps adhesion of dust, dirt and insect is reduced, thus facilitating cleaning.


SONAX Spray & Seal

SONAX Spray + Seal Spray-On Sealant ensures that a complete vehicle can be lastingly sealed, protected and rendered dirt repellent in just 5 minutes during the car wash! The color depth of the paintwork surface is enhanced in the process and a mirror shine will be produced. An excellent water and dirt repellent effect is produced in seconds too! Also ideal for long lastingly sealed paintwork to freshen up the water repellent effect



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