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Regular maintenance through frequent car washing or waxing is important in keeping your car in tip-top shape, by ensuring that your car paint stays bright and shiny for a longer period of time. Waxing your car gives it a layer of protection against various elements such as, harsh weather, salt, pebbles, bird droppings, industrial pollution, ultraviolet rays or dirt to name a few, that could damage or scratch the car’s paint job. 


Some people believe that by constantly wiping the vehicle down will make the paint wear down faster however, this is false. As long as you use the correct products and know how to use them properly, there is nothing wrong with waxing your car regularly. 


How often should you wax your car? 


It depends on how often your car is brought out for a drive. If it’s normally parked in a garage or in an area where it is sheltered from the elements, waxing twice a year should be sufficient to protect the car paint coating. However, if your car is often exposed to bad weather conditions, road salt, or spends a lot of time outdoors, it should be waxed every three to four months. 


Why should you wax your car? 


An unwaxed car is more prone to corrosive substances that can damage the clear coat (the finish on top that seals the paint) and expose the paint underneath. This also makes it more difficult to clean the car as you risk scratching or rubbing through the clear coat and into the paint, resulting in noticeable surface scratches and marks. This is even more obvious if you have a black car. 


Washing your car with water gets rid of most of the surface layer dirt but is not able to do a thorough cleaning job to remove bug splatters or tar stains. Most automatic car washes will generally only apply a thin-coat of wax which will not last as long as a proper wax job should. 


Applying a good-quality paste or liquid wax by hand at least twice a year can keep and protect the car paint finish on your car looking new for years. 


How to apply wax on your car? 


Before waxing, it is extremely important to wash your car thoroughly regardless if it seems dirty or not. A quick rinse is not enough, and auto detailing professionals will be able to properly clean a car as they know that a layer of wax can lock dirt, grime and dust onto the car’s surface. 


Once clean, your car must be completely dry before beginning the waxing process. Leftover droplets of water can cause wax products to streak, which will take a lot of time and effort to remove. If left to air-dry, it might cause water spots to appear as well, therefore, ensure that your car is dry by drying it manually by hand. 


Fresh sponges, towels or polisher pads are some tools to create a streak-free shine as worn-out or used rages will not help you achieve the results you want. Car detailing experts are experienced in applying the right technique to wax your car efficiently without leaving any swirl marks behind. Most waxes work best when only a thin layer is used, as too much wax can make the coat uneven and cause more cleanups to happen. 


Where to get your car professionally waxed? 


With experience and skill needed to properly wax your car, rather than try it yourself and risk damages that are far more costly than getting it professionally done in the first place, Lambency Detailing offers 3 main packages for exterior detailing that includes waxing to keep your car properly groomed. 


SONAX Car Spa 


In addition to other services, SONAX Brilliant Shine Wax is used to remove any light contaminants from your paintwork and restore your vehicle to a just-waxed shine. Its thick consistency is meant to provide a deep gloss, completed with paint protection and water repellency. 


SONAX Basic Polish & Wax


In addition to other services, SONAX High Speed Wax is applied and is a form of rapid wax conservation and paintwork cleaning for newer or slightly weathered vehicles. The car polish aims to intensify the shine and make colours appear more vibrant. It also removes residual tree sap, and sticky animal and vegetable secretions that are stuck on the paintwork even after the vehicle is washed. 


SONAX Signature Polish & Wax 


In addition to other services, a high quality protection entitled SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax is used for new and nearly new paintwork. It protects the car against weathering and other environmental hazards and reduces insect adhesion. The highly concentrated Carnauba wax strengthens the paintwork and gives your car a radiant shine. The formula is also easy to polish and leaves no greasy streaks on your car. 


Reach out to find out more about what car exterior detailing entails and Book an appointment with us to have your car professionally polished or waxed now! Tel : (65) 6810 9918 Whatsapp : (65) 9658 5808 Email: lambency@quantum-globe.com

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