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Owning a car requires regular maintenance (i.e. car detailing) to ensure that the car is safe to drive and able to serve you well for as long as possible. As cars are used outside regularly, they are very prone to a number of elements that could damage its external and internal appearance. While these factors are mainly ubiquitous, it still helps to be aware and cautious of the potential causes of damage to try to prevent it as much as possible, and prolong the longevity and value of your car. 


3 common factors that can damage your car’s interior


Excessive time in the heat 


Leaving your car to bake under the sun will lead to issues like wear in your car’s paint and mechanicals. It also allows grime to compile in the car’s interior, leaving an unpleasant sweaty smell and unwanted stains on the inner surface. Materials in the car like vinyl, plastic and leather are all prone to damage in direct sunlight and can eventually fade, crack and stain due to the sun’s unforgiving rays. The internal system of your car could also be potentially overheated, affecting the cooling level and transmission fluids in your car.  


Pest infestations 


Sometimes when we’re in a rush or if we’re ordering take-out, we tend to have food and beverages in the car. Even more so if you have children, there is a higher possibility of food spills in the car that could attract unwanted pests into your vehicle. Spotting just one roach is only the tip of the iceberg that could lead to bigger issues if the car is not brought in for professional cleaning. Moreover, if there is a soft drink or coffee spill, the acid in the drinks can damage and potentially corrode interior surfaces if left uncleaned. 


Unmaintained air conditioner units


Often overlooked, these AC units are an ideal breeding ground for musty odours. Similar to our home air conditioning, they need to be cleaned every once in awhile to remove the dust and any bacteria that could be trapped in the filter. Especially in a small area like your car, if it is not sent for maintenance, the ventilation system could wear down and unknowingly make it an unhealthy environment for you to drive in. 


Save or reverse the effects of these damages with car interior detailing 


Cleaning the interior of your car is important for maintenance and value. Keeping a clean environment, allows you to boost your self esteem when going to places and provide a hygienic and non-cluttered space for you to drive safely. Lambency Detailing has three main packages that cover all aspects of your car’s Interior Detailing needs. 


Its services include: 


  • Pest Fumigation 


      • Effectively exterminate flies, fleas, cockroaches, insects and termites 


  • Hospital Grade Sanitisation 


      • Certified by SGH to be 99.98% effective against HFMD and other bacteria and virus 


  • Nano Mist Fumigation 


      • Ultra fine deep cleaning mist to penetrate all areas of the car’s interior 


  • SONAX Car Breeze 


      • Permanently removes bad odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance


  • Steam Vaporising 


      • Penetrates pores of materials and thoroughly cleans surfaces without the use of chemicals 


  • SONAX Leather Treatment (Shampoo & Conditioning) 


      • Extend the life of your leather seats 


  • SONAX Plastic Treatment (Shampoo & Conditioning) 


      • Clean dashboards thoroughly and remove germs and bugs 


  • SONAX A/C Cleaner


      • Cleans the AC unit, ventilation system and evaporator removing unpleasant odours and ensures a fresh fragrance in the interior 


  • Hydro Extraction


      • Two-stage filtration system to remove dirt and contaminants from your cabin 


  • Tornado Gun Cleaning


      • Utilises a high pressure machine to break apart stain particles and removes it effectively 


  • Hot Water Extraction


    • Involves hot water and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean carpets and remove dirts and stains 


Reach out to find out more about what car interior detailing entails and Book an appointment with us to have your car professionally cleaned now! Tel : (65) 6810 9918 Whatsapp : (65) 9658 5808 Email:



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