Every car has its lifespan, but, there will eventually come a point in time when you are considering the possibility of reselling your used car. Car resale is an easy way to earn back some of the money which you have spent on it. However, the process of reselling a car in Singapore can often be long and complicated. No matter how keen you are on selling your car, a used-car dealership or a potential customer might not want to meet the price you are offering it for. Little things such as having had a coat of car paint protection applied or having sent your car for interior detailing regularly are factors that can make your customers keener on getting the purchase done.


To ensure a smooth and trouble-free resale process, it is important to consider the mind-set of dealerships and consumers to get an idea of what they are looking for. To help you with that, we have come up with 4 easy tips to ensure that your car resale process is not delayed.


Tip 1: Selling price

If you are planning to sell your car directly from consumer to consumer without the help of used-car dealerships, then one consideration to have is the selling price of your car.


Deciding on the selling price of your car is tricky, too high a price and potential customers may be deterred or even turn to other sellers who are offering better deals. On the other hand, setting a low price will result in you not getting a reasonable deal from the resale.


To find the right selling price for your car, you will have to do some background research. Take a look at what other sellers are pricing their vehicle of a similar make and condition at, this will give you a solid foundation to decide your selling price on.


Tip 2: Interior

A car’s interior can often tell if the owner has taken good care of it or not. Interiors with unpleasant smells, cracked leather seats and layers of dirt and grime are often red flags for customers and dealerships alike. Thus, resulting in a lower selling price and a delay in the resale process due to ongoing price negotiations.


Frequently sending your car for interior detailing is a good way to maintain a nice and hygienic interior throughout your ownership of the car and will also give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating a price with a dealership or customer.


Tip 3: Exterior

The exterior of your car plays a huge role in whether you will be able to resell it quickly or not. Often, people’s first impression of your car comes from its appearance. Having your car showroom-ready is a definite benefit when it comes to having a smooth resale process.


Scratches, dents and poorly patched paint jobs are a big no to any used-car dealerships out there. These are tell-tale signs of the car having been roughly repaired in the past and alludes to potential complications. Such problems are likely to delay the resale process as dealerships will have to factor in how much it is to properly service the car to the overall selling price.


Tip 4: General vehicle health

Selling an ailing car is something that you might find yourself doing to try and extract whatever price you can from it. However, trying to sell such cars is often an extremely complicated process.


The general health of your vehicle will determine whether potential buyers are willing to pay the cost or not. Customers and dealerships tend to reject such offers even if you price the car lowly. This is because the repair cost can often be higher than the price of the car itself, making it a bad deal for them.


With that said, if the damage is relatively small, we would recommend getting it fixed, this way you will not have to explain the issues to whomever you are selling it to. Thus, saving time for both parties.


Reselling your car for the first time can be a confusing process, but hopefully, with this blog, you now have a clearer view of what to do and what not to do. A good habit to have is frequently sending your car for detailing while it is under your ownership. This way when the time to resell it eventually comes, both its interior and exterior are still in prime condition. This will help to make the whole resale process more enjoyable.


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