So, finally, after a long wait, you now own a car. You promise to shower it with love and care for as long as you are its owner, but do you know how to? Owning your first ever car can be a significant milestone in your life, but it is an expensive one that you will have to look after. A careless move or two and your new car will no longer be looking in pristine condition. However, taking care of the exterior paint job of your car is easier said than done. With such a wide array of exterior care choices for you to choose from, which is best for you? Will it be waxing or is paint protection coating a better choice?


To ensure that you make the right decision, we will be exploring the 4 best ways to ensure that your new car maintains its showroom look.


#1: Regular Washing

Tip number one is washing. It’s a good habit to constantly wash your car to retain its shiny look.


After just a few days of driving, you will notice all sorts of foreign substances on your car’s body. From rain and road salt to bird droppings and dirt, your car will quickly start to look unpleasant, but that is not all. Substances such as bird droppings and road salt can erode and corrode your car’s body and its paint job if not swiftly removed. This will not only result in your car looking less pleasant but will also develop into a genuine safety and chassis rigidity problem if the rusting and corroding of the bodywork is serious.


Washing your car regularly is a cost-effective method that will remove these damaging substances from your car’s body before they start harming your paint job and bodywork, furthermore, it is also a good habit to have.


#2: Polish and wax

Our second tip would be to periodically polish and wax your car. Do not be confused, both polishing and waxing are different things.


In the case where the surface of your car’s paint starts oxidising, then you might want to try polishing your car. Polishing is essentially removing a small layer of paint from the original paint job to remove surface scratches and oxidisation, restoring the car’s original look.


Waxing, on the other hand, is adding a layer of protection to your car’s paint job. It helps to fill in and smoothen out the little imperfections in your car’s paint job whilst restoring its shine as well. However, do beware of overdoing it. Too much wax and there will be a build-up your car’s surface, resulting in a murky and unappealing look.


#3: The natural elements

Tip number 3 is the ultimate budget tip that anyone can try out to preserve their new car’s look.


Natural elements are not a car’s paint job’s best friend, in fact, far from it. In places such as Singapore, it would be a good choice for you to park in sheltered or multi-storey carparks as UV rays from the sun can cause your paint colour to fade. If that is not an available option, then consider getting a UV protection car cover. Avoiding constant and persistent exposure to the sun will prevent your new car from having that dull and faded look, it also costs you little to no money.


#4: Paint Protection Coating

Our final tip brings us to arguably the most convenient method of them all. All problems are solved once they are nipped at their buds and it is no different for protecting your car’s paint job.


Paint protection nips the problem at the bud by providing a protective layer right from the get-go. They help to guard your paint job against bird droppings and road salt but tend to last longer than your usual self-applied wax. Professionally done, paint protection is often offered by the dealership that you are getting your car from, but you can also get them from third-party detailing stores. Paint protection will provide lasting protection for your paint job, preventing a loss of shine or a possibility of damage without needing you to do any physical labour.


With these 4 tips, you will be able to ensure that your new car maintains its pristine shine. However, in the bustling city life you will often find yourself lacking the time to complete all four tips, so which should you choose? If time is your main concern, then paint protection coating is likely to be your best choice. Since it is done by professionals, you will not have to take hours out of your day to get it done. Furthermore, it will also last a decent amount of time, meaning that you will not have to worry about having to constantly visit a detailing shop.


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