When purchasing a new car, you will be offered several optional extras that you might be interested in getting, one of which is new car paint protection. Paint protection is one of the most commonly mentioned optional extras that any car dealership has on offer. It is often promised that the coating of protection can help protect your car’s paint job from scratches and rusting, but the actual question is, is it worth your money?


To help you decide whether to spend the money on paint protection for your new car or not, we have gathered 3 essential considerations to take into account before making your decision.


How often do you drive?

The first factor to consider when choosing whether or not to take on the optional extra of paint protection is how frequently you drive.


The main purpose of paint protection is to provide a protective layer for your car, preventing bird droppings and stones from damaging the car’s original coat of paint. Being a frequent driver will make paint protection more worth it as it means that there is a higher chance of getting scratches onto your new car’s paint job. Small scratches and dents can often amount up to a huge sum of money when you eventually get around to mending them, so having a coating of paint protection will help to form an invisible layer of shield that lies between the natural elements and your new car’s paint job.


Where do you park and which roads do you drive?

Location is a crucial factor when considering whether you should get paint protection for your car or not. By location, we are mainly referring to where you park and where you drive.


If you have a personal garage or can park your car in a sheltered area overnight, then chances of you needing to get a coat of paint protection for your car is lesser than if you needed to park in an open-air car park. Having a sheltered place to park your car at for an extended period will prevent rain and potential bird droppings from coming into contact with your paint job, decreasing the likelihood of rust or corrosion happening to your car, therefore making paint protection less useful. On the other hand, if your workplace requires you to park under the sun for a whole day, then it will be more worth it to get a paint protection coating. UV rays from the sun can often result in your car’s paint job to experience a fade in colour, so it would be better to have paint protection to shield the actual coat of paint from the harmful rays.


The roads which you travel during your day-to-day commute is also another factor when considering whether to get paint protection for your car or not. If you have to bypass places such as factories and construction sites during the commute to work, the chances of scratches and dents increases due to the rocks and construction materials that can be deposited all over the road. This makes paint protection a safer choice to have.


Return of Investment

Having paint protection can lead to you saving more in the long run. A few years down the road, when you are looking to sell your car, having had paint protection on your car’s paint can help in securing a higher selling price as there will be fewer blemishes and scratches.


Furthermore, if you decided to get paint protection at the dealership back when you first bought your car, it might be mentioned somewhere in the paperwork. This too can help you in fetching a better bargain during the resale process.


As long as you keep these 3 considerations in mind when deciding whether to get paint protection coating or not, you can be sure to make the right decision. Paint protection for car is a part of detailing service which helps to ensure that your car looks as good as new throughout its whole life span and can be beneficial to any car owners out there. If you are interested in sending your car for detailing, you could try Lambency Detailing, a detailing store that offers paint protection service to its customers. At Lambency Detailing, we use only the best, highest quality detailing products to ensure high-quality service at a price that works. We also place a strong emphasis on before and after-sales support, giving you the best possible experience.

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