One of the largest considerations when purchasing a vehicle is the amount of maintenance required. Each car model and brand require a slightly different amount and type of maintenance. However, there is generally a set checklist of maintenance that every car can benefit from. Some might argue that simply polishing and vacuuming your car is enough, but certain situations require a more professional level of care. Hence why we are seeing more people bringing their cars for interior detailing in Singapore. To help you to further understand the importance of interior detailing, we have decided to compile our top 4 reasons why you should send your car for interior detailing.


Reason 1: A better ride

When you purchase a car, you purchase it to improve your lifestyle, so you will likely be using it in all sorts of situations, including times such as after a football match. It is in such situations where your leather can be stained with sweat and body odour.


Over time, this will result in cracked leather seats, foul odour and might even leave the dashboard filled with layers of grime and dirt – what no one wants in their car. Sending your car for interior detailing will help prevent and eliminate such situations from becoming a common occurrence. Interior detailing can help to preserve the life of your leather, eliminate strong foul odours and even has specific plastic treatments that can eliminate germs from your dashboard. Treatments like that are simply not doable by yourself.


Reason 2: Hygiene

Wiping and vacuuming your car frequently is a good habit to have and helps to ensure the general cleanliness of your vehicle. With that said, wiping and vacuuming does not get rid of germs, bacteria and bugs.


The Singapore weather is hot and humid, the perfect conditions for germs and bugs to breed, this can result in a thoroughly unhygienic environment. As stated in reason 1, your dashboard can easily accumulate layers of dust and grime over an extended period, this can result in bacteria breeding making your car a threat to the health of your children and family members. The only way to rid your car of these germs is for your car to have it undergo professional treatment.


Interior detailing can also use mist fumigation treatment methods to eliminate any hidden bugs that are making your car their home. The thought of having hidden bugs nesting within your car may seem unlikely, however, you might be shocked by how plausible it is with many dark and warm areas presenting the perfect hideout for pests. Plus, no one likes the unpleasant surprise of bugs being revealed in the middle of a drive. Thus, getting your car regularly detailed will ensure that such dangerous situations are avoided.


Reason 3: Personal pride

It is said that a person’s car can reflect his or her personality. So, it is not a particularly pleasant experience giving your close ones a ride and having them comment on how poorly-maintained your car is.


In Singapore’s harsh sunlight, a common issue experienced by all car owners is the cracking of leather seats. When leather seats start cracking or fading due to exposure to UV rays, they can start flaking and can feel downright disgusting. It does not matter if it is friends or family who are seated in your car, they are all bound to comment negatively on your seats, resulting in unparalleled embarrassment. Interior detailing that is done by professionals will help to treat and extend the lifespan of the leather preventing such situations from occurring.


Reason 4: Resale price

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, we are seeing new car models being launched at an alarming rate every year. This means that the current vehicle that you own will have its price depreciate extremely quickly. However, in the case that you are looking to sell your car, interior detailing can help to boost its price.


The reason is simple, with reasons 1 to 3, interior detailing maintains the quality and look of your car. With this, second-hand dealerships will be keener on giving you a higher amount for your vehicle compared to if you tried to sell them a run-down car that requires high levels of restoration.  


With these 4 reasons, you should now be able to understand the importance of interior detailing and how it is beneficial to your car. If you are looking to send your car for interior detailing, why not give us a try? Lambency Detailing is a one-stop-shop automotive detailing centre. At Lambency Detailing, we use only the best, highest quality detailing products to ensure high-quality service at a price that works. We also place a strong emphasis on before and after-sales support, giving you the best possible experience.

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