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Making your car look good on the outside is important, but most car owners forget that the car’s interior beauty is equally important to the overall appeal of the car. It is often said that your car reflects who you are, so it is important to keep your cars as presentable as possible. There are many ways for you to do so, one of which is car interior detailing. Often confused with cleaning up and tidying the interior of your car, interior detailing goes beyond the surface. Not only does it remove dirt and grime, but it can also rid your car of unwanted pests, which is highly possible in Singapore.


Interior detailing can go a long way into making your car more presentable, and it starts with the most visible places. Seats. Leather seats in particular start to look worn and dirty after a certain amount of use. If left untreated, it could end up looking disgusting as the leather starts to crack and peel. Sending your car for regular detailing will not only ensure that your leather seats appear to be in pristine condition but also prolong the life of the leather.


Pests are something that no one wants to see anywhere, especially not in our own car. Not only are they going to give your passengers a bad experience, but they are also a hazardous distraction to you, the driver. Especially if they decide to reveal themselves whilst you are on the road. There tends to be a higher chance of pest infestations in places such as Singapore. The reason being that pests tend to stay in the dark and cooler places, particularly when the weather is warmer and more humid. One of the services offered when you send your car for interior detailing is pest fumigation. This helps to chase out and kill any of the unwanted pests that are hiding in your car, making every trip a safe one for you and your passengers.


At some point in the future, you will likely be planning to resell your used car. When you do so, you will realize that the condition of your car’s interior can affect the price for which you can sell the car. Regularly sending your car for interior detailing can help to maintain the condition of your car’s interior. This will help push up the resale price of your vehicle.


With that said, it will also be beneficial for you to build up a good habit to keep your car’s interior as tidy as possible in any way you can. To help you, here are a few hacks which you can use to help keep your car interior clean.


Hack #1: Tiny trash cans

The first hack is to have a tiny trash can in your car. This will allow you to have a place to conveniently throw your sweet wrappers and whatnot, thus deterring you from littering in your car. There is no need for you to head out and buy a unique small trash can that is tailor-made to fit your car. Simply reuse an old cereal container as your own DIY tiny trash can.


Hack #2: Headrest hook

We have all experienced that dreadful moment when we go around a corner in our car, and the bags of groceries threaten to tip over. This usually means that you have to vacuum up the residue of the spillage and no one wants to go through that hassle. A good way to prevent yourself from having to go through this sort of hassle is to make a small investment in headrest hooks. For as low as $2, they will allow you to hang your bag without having to worry about them spilling over.


Hack #3: Cupcake holder

Placing a cupcake holder in places such as your car’s cup holder will make it easier for you to clean up. If ever there happens to be some crumbs in one of those places, all you have to do is to take the cupcake holders out, give them a rinse and they are ready to be used again.


Hack #4: Give your car a makeover

If you have an old makeup brush lying around, bring it along with you to your car. You will be surprised at how good a makeup brush is at getting rid of the dust in your air vents.


Hopefully, these hacks will help you to keep your car’s interior neat and tidy for a relatively low price. Exploring different ways to keep your interior presentable is great but it can come at a risk. Some products might contain chemicals which might potentially harm your health. A few examples to take caution of are Methanol, Kerosene and n-Propoxy propanol.


Let’s start with Methanol. Methanol is a chemical that is often found in window cleaners and windshield washes, but it can be acutely toxic and may even cause the user blindness.


Kerosene is found in all-purpose cleaner and degreasers. It can damage lung tissues and dissolve fatty tissues that surround nerve cells.


Finally, n-Propoxy propanol. This chemical can potentially cause eyes, nose, skin and throat irritation.


Not only does the use of the wrong chemicals could cause harm to you, but using the wrong chemicals on a material not suited for it can also cause harm to your car’s interior. One way to prevent this is by engaging detailing specialists. They will be able to provide you the best possible interior detailing options. Leaving you with a car that looks like new from the inside out.


Situated at the eastern part of Singapore, Lambency Detailing is a one-stop-shop automotive detailing centre. At Lambency Detailing, we use only the best, highest quality detailing products to ensure high-quality service at a price that works. We also place a strong emphasis on before and after-sales support, giving you the best possible experience.

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